3D30 Workout at DS Fitness

3D30® revolutionizes your whole body using the ground-breaking science of Loaded Movement Training.

This HIIT workout integrates strength, cardio, and mobility training to build an unbreakable body that performs like an athlete. Dynamic music drives the energetic 30 minute workout.

3D30 Workout is available on a Thursday 4.30 pm

You don’t have to be a member to join one of our classes

ONLY £5.00


You don’t have to be a member of DS Fitness to do one of our classes.

Only £5.00 a Class

The 3D30 Workout has a 2 track finisher. We have atwo track focus at the end of each workout. This finishe changes each week.

Download the Group Active getting started sheet, so you know what to expect in your first class. 

FREE PASS is only available for your first 3D30 Class


3D30 is the perfect training choice for:

  • New exercisers because Loaded Movement Training builds a foundation for healthy movement patterns, so you move easier in everything you do.
  • Weightlifters and strength-training junkies who want to get stronger in every direction and all types of movements
  • People of all fitness and experience levels because Loaded Movement Training improves overall quality of life for everyone
  • Busy exercisers because 3D30 combines cardio and strength training in just 45 minutes
  • Anyone concerned about back pain, joint health, or other physical issues because Loaded Movement Training reconditions the body
  • Runners and cyclists because training in new planes of motion improves athletic performance and helps prevent injury
  • Athletes looking for cross-training because 3D30 is an ideal complement to any sport
  • Men and women of all ages because you can self-select the size and weight of your ViPR.

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