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Good Health begins in your gut

Improve Digestion for Muscle Gain and Fat Loss 

Did you know, that your Gut is responsible for so many complex functions inside your body? And that if it’s not working at 100% it’s going to affect your entire #MOJO?

Are you feeling tired, Suffer from IBS, or maybe have weight gain/loss issues, is your skin dry and hair brittle. . . THESE COULD ALL BE SYMPTOMS OF A GUT PROBLEM.


When it comes to strength training, stress can be something of a double-edged sword. We need stress to grow physically. For example, every time we pick up a weight, we’re producing a calculated stress on the body that will, in return, facilitate muscular growth.

Some stress in your life is normal and can even be healthy. It means you are challenging yourself. But too much stress over the long term can rob you of your energy and your health. The fix: have an everyday stress management plan in place to help you control stress before it controls you. Here’s the bonus: almost everything that you do to stay healthy and energized will also help you become more resilient against stress. Chronic stress can affect your ability to regulate the stress hormone cortisol, which influences your metabolism, immunity, sleep rhythms and blood pressure. Unregulated cortisol levels will leave you feeling run-down, tired, and subject to weight gain, as well as making you crave more sugary and fatty foods.

Your cortisol levels will be far higher when you’re experiencing stress, and high levels of cortisol encourages insulin production, which could result in sugar cravings. It can also slow down your metabolism, which isn’t good news if weight loss is your goal. Increased levels of cortisol can also make it difficult to lose body fat, especially around your stomach.


Inadequate sleep—such as not sleeping long enough overall or having poor quality sleep—affects both how we feel and how we function. Short-term effects can include drowsiness or sleepiness, irritability, reduced alertness, poor motor skills, and attention problems. Inadequate sleep over a longer period of time can affect how the body functions. 

  1. Research shows that not getting enough sleep is associated with excess body weight 
  2. Sleep disturbance has been linked to pain and disability.
  3. Inadequate sleep, especially over a long period of time, can lead or contribute to mood disorders. Chronic sleep problems have been linked to depression, anxiety, and mental distress.

Lack of sleep coupled with stress is a total progress-killer when it comes to reaching your fitness and weight loss goals. Sleep is essential in helping you restore your muscles after training and feeling refreshed and energised the next day. You can regulate your cortisol levels by turning in early at night and getting a proper night’s sleep.

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