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Building everyday fitness in a supportive community


You’ve done the quick fixes

Tried the latest trends

We offer long term results with a lifestyle


Building everyday fitness in a supportive, friendly community.

We have a plan for anyone that wants to be better tomorrow than they are today. No matter where you they are starting from. You don’t have to get fit to join us; we will get you fit.

Start your fitness journey NOW !


Live the lifestyle and enjoy your results.

We can keep talking but your RESULTS will speak the for themselves! You’ll be surprised how quickly you look, move and feel and live better once you begin your DS journey.We’ll make sure you have the support you need to get you to your goals and sustain them!

We’ve got you covered!


The latest GROUP POWER Workout, delivers even more results. Power training & strength training, you reap the benefits of a more robust , trim and fitter body.

A FUN way to train with weights.

We believe our APRIL TIMETABLE is our best timetable, ever. We have a fantastic selection of  workouts to help you be the best shape you can be both physically and mentally. The Cardio & HIIT Sessions are planned so you burn loads of Calories to enable you to achieve your weight loss goals.

The Resistance Weight Sessions are suitable for everyone as you can choose the weights suitable to your fitness level. These sessions will help you drop a clothes size, tighten and firm your whole body.

You don’t have to be a member to attend a session.

Don’t struggle on your own.  Get the accountability you need and the results you never thought possible with expert fitness, wellness, and nutrition coaching.


What we offer :


FITNESS - Gym - Gym Programs - Group Fitness - online Fitness


NUTRITION - Clean eating - Weight Loss - Body Transformations


Health & Supplement Shop


Women's & Weight Loss Specialist available

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what They’re Saying

DS Testimonials

Diane motivates me even though we are miles apart.

It was hard getting started at the gym again but Diane helped my motivation by coordinating a workout plan tailored to me and my goals. I’ve been following Diane’s plan for 2 weeks now and feel fitter, stronger and more confident because of the tools and knowledge Diane has provided for me. Even though we are over 4,000 miles apart (I live in Florida) that hasn’t stopped Diane from helping me, and I know she is only a text or phone call away via messenger.


Top gym….. Wouldn’t go anywhere else!!

I’ve been going to DS for many years and I’ve always been made to feel welcome. Live “zoom” classes and “on demand” are a fantastic way to continue exercising at home during these difficult times. Di’s knowledge of exercise and up to date fitness techniques are evident in the wide variety of classes she offers that are suitable for everyone’s ability. Di’s encouragement allows me to achieve my goals in a enjoyable way and I always feel a sense of achievement. Can’t recommend DS highly enough.

The food is very tasty, freshly cooked and there’s a wide variety to choose from. Very well priced for such a healthy and nutritional meal


Absolutely fantastic online classes

Absolutely fantastic online classes. Diane makes people of all abilities feel welcome and at ease. The classes are fun, and invigorating. Never fail to make me feel great and plenty of calorie burn! Highly recommend to anyone.


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Our goal is simple. We aim to get you moving, moving beyond the limited movement of home & work, even beyond the movement of steps. With DS Workouts,  you’ll become a better mover, and feel better in your body, regardless of age or condition,

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