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Group Core® trains you in 30 action-packed minutes. A strong core, from your shoulders to your hips, will help you move easier, help prevent back pain, and give you ripped abs! Expert coaching and motivating music will guide you through all the exercises using your body weight, weight plates, a towel, and a step – all to challenge you like never before. HARD CORE!

During your first few classes, you may not execute some of the movements properly – this is normal, you are in learning mode. You might experience fatigue in muscles outside of the core muscles, like the shoulders, hips and lower back – this is normal. You might feel rushed – this is normal, 30 minutes goes fast and Group Core is action packed with a ton of exercises.

To get great results, participate in Group Core one to three times per week, with a rest day between classes. Group Core will fatigue your core muscles, so any type of strength or resistance training should not be done afterward. If you are up for the challenge, you can always add Group Core before or after a cardio workout.

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Your workout session will consist of 5 tracks that have very specific training objectives. Each track is supported with great music to push you through a variety of exercises:

  1. CorePREP – Quickly warms you up and gets you ready to tackle the workout.
  2. CoreMAX – Uses maximum muscle and effort to train your core using functional, athletic movements in a circuit training approach.
  3. CoreINTEGRATION – Uses a circuit training approach that includes total-body exercises focusing on the back and glutes.
  4. CoreSTABILITY – Hones in on the muscles that keep the spine stable – control is the name of the game.
  5. CoreMOBILITY – Brings it home with traditional abdominal training – your abs will be burning!

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