Sculpt your Core, Ignite your Life.

Join us every Tuesday at 10:45 am!

Welcome to our Core Sculpt Class – where science-backed exercises meet a highly qualified instructor to deliver the best results for you.

If you’re ready to ignite your core, improve balance, enhance back strength, target your obliques, and enjoy an amazing core workout, you’re in the right place.

Join us every Tuesday at 10:45 AM for a transformational experience.

Why choose our Core Sculpt Class:

Science-Backed Workouts: Our exercises are rooted in scientific research to ensure you get the most effective results.

Highly Qualified Instructor: Meet our experienced and certified instructor, Diane Singleton, who’s dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals. .

7 Unique Sections: Our class is divided into seven distinct sections, each designed to target specific areas of your core and body.

Class Details:

Ignite Your Core: Strengthen your core muscles to improve stability, posture, and overall strength.

Core Burn: Feel the burn as you engage your core muscles in dynamic and challenging ways.

Balance: Enhance your balance, coordination, and flexibility for a more agile body.

Back Strength: Build a strong and resilient back to support your spine and reduce the risk of injury.

Obliques: Target your oblique muscles for a well-rounded core workout.

Floor Core: Get down to the floor and engage your core in a variety of exercises for a thorough workout.

Pilates-Inspired Core: Experience the core-shaping benefits of Pilates in this section of our class.

Benefits of Core Strength: A strong core isn’t just about aesthetics. It’s about improving your quality of life. Here are some of the many benefits of a strong core:

Better Posture: A strong core provides the foundation for good posture. You’ll stand taller and feel more confident in your daily life.

Reduced Risk of Injury: A stable core supports your spine and reduces the risk of back pain and injury during physical activities and even in everyday tasks.

Increased Energy: When your core is strong, you have more energy for all your activities, from work to play.

Class Duration and Location: Our Core Sculpt Class typically lasts 45 Minutes. It’s conveniently scheduled every Tuesday at 10:45 AM.

Pricing and Packages: We offer flexible pricing options to fit your needs.  Pay per session Only £5.00 or 4 Sessions for £18.00.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Who can join the Core Sculpt Class?

Our class is suitable for participants of all fitness levels, from beginners to experienced individuals. Our instructor tailors exercises to meet your specific needs.

What should I wear to class?

Wear comfortable workout attire and supportive athletic shoes. Don’t forget to bring a water bottle to stay hydrated during the session.

Do I need to bring any equipment?

You only need to bring a towel; we provide all necessary equipment for the class.

How long is each Core Sculpt Class session?

Each class typically lasts 45 Minutes, ensuring a comprehensive workout for all participants.

Is it okay if I have prior injuries or physical limitations?

Yes, please inform our instructor of any injuries or limitations before the class begins. Our instructor can modify exercises to accommodate your needs.

What should I expect during a Core Sculpt Class?

You can expect a dynamic and engaging workout that targets various aspects of your core and overall fitness. Each session includes different sections designed to challenge and strengthen different muscle groups.

Is there an age requirement for the class?

Our class welcomes participants over 16.

Can I drop in for a class, or do I need to reserve a spot in advance?

While drop-ins are welcome if there’s space, we recommend reserving your spot in advance to guarantee your spot, especially if the class tends to fill up. Book in here

What is the cost of the Core Sculpt Class?

Core Sculpt is only £5.00 a session or 4 sessions for £18.00.

What are the benefits of a strong core, and how will this class help me achieve them?

A strong core provides better posture, reduced risk of injury, and increased energy. Our class targets all aspects of core strength to help you experience these benefits.

Join Us: Ready to take your fitness journey to the next level? Join us every Tuesday at 10:45 AM for a core sculpt class that delivers results. Secure your spot now and Book Your Class.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to sculpt your core and achieve your fitness goals. We can’t wait to empower you on your fitness journey!
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